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ArchiCAD 15 - nVidia K5000 & Tesla K20 (Maximus 2.0)

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Hi guys,

I've recently bought and assembled a rendering workstation for my other half as she uses alot of different 3D Architectural programs (3DS Max, Cinema 4D, ArchiCAD etc).

My question is, does anyone know if it supports (or if there is a way to configure, either through 3rd party software or natively) the newer generation nVidia Quadro cards? (K - Kepler based series). I understand they aren't listed on the QVL, however if anyone out there has run previous gen and current gen GPUs of teh Quadro range and noted a performance increase or details i'd love to hear about it.

I've detailed her new setup as follows for any technical information;

Dual Xeon 2687w (3.1Ghz 8 core) CPUs
64GB Quad Channel DDR 1600Mhz RAM
480GB Intel 520 Series SSD
PNY nVidia Quadro K5000 GPU (4GB)
nVidia Tesla K20 GPGPU (5GB)

Currently running Windows 7 x64 Ultimate Edition.

Any information or discussion as to whether this hardware config will be supported, or is in the process of being supported would also be fantastic.

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nice build.!

don't worry about quadro k5000, it will work nicely.

but, your tesla will be useless in archicad
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