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ArchiCAD v11 Hotfix (1040) 3D SpaceNavigator Problem

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After ArchiCAD v11 (1040) Hotfix from v11 (970)
3d space navigator no longer manipulates 3d view window in AC v11

My Attempt's
1)from View Tab swichted around all possible combinations of OpenGL+Internal 3D Engine then 3D Navigation Extra->3Dconnexion Object+Camera mode.
2)from add-on manager disable re-enable the 3Dconnexion Enabler.
3)reinstalled latest 3Dconnexion driver's
4)deleted AC v11 pref's
5)deleted AC v11 then reinstalled AC v11 (970)<--3D navigation works
6)updated AC v11 Hotfix (1040)<--3D navigation not working
7)all other applications that use space navigator working fine (not AC)

I am stuck on what to do next maybe try backing up my 3Dconnexion Enabler add-on from (970) and replace the (1040) version
but before i do fresh reinstall #5 of AC v11 i would like to ask any suggestion on this matter or maybe of what pref/plist file to edit a that maybe the cause ???

thank you for any help
Lars Gusewski
I push this question, because i get today my SpaceNavigator SE. It works fine with ArchiCAD 11 build 1086 under Windows XP, but under Mac OS X (Intel) 10.4.10 with driver 1.3.0, there is no reaction in the ArchiCAD 3D window. But i have not any problems with other applications running in Mac OS X, e.g. Google Earth.

It would be nice to get hints from Graphisoft what to do. Normally Mac OS X is my preferred platform.
Judit Boros
Graphisoft Alumni
Graphisoft Alumni
Hereby the answer of the Space Navigator question (from Graphisoft)

Space Navigator needs more "components" in AC to be able to work.
One of this component is the "framework".

You had problem on MAC with the space navigator, because this component was not updated from AC11 970 to AC11 1086.

This problem could happen, because there was a long procedure between 3Dconnexion company and between Graphisoft.

The perfect solution will be in the next hotfix.

Thanks for understanding.
Judit Boros

Technical Support Team


Budapest, Hungary

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Last post was October... any reply from 3DConnexion? I want to buy one, but not until I'm certain it will work with ArchiCAD.
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Dennis Lee
I got one for Christmas, and it is working fine for me. You can't beat this when you want to 'walk' someone thru the building.
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