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Archicad 25 - Converting Trial File to Archicad solo file


Good evening all, 


I need some help regarding the conversion of a trial file. Basically I have started a project in Trial mode to see if it would work, but then bought a Solo licence after I decided it was the right software (I was trialling lots of other software at the same time but Archicad was the clear winner, 2D cad felt painful. I do not want to lose any work if it is possible. 


Across the forums it explains the the trial file should just convert to a commercial file upon purchase of a licence and opening the file provided it is on the same computer. This trial file is on the same computer. The warning message however states the Trial file was not opened on the same computer. I can 100% confirm it was as I invested in a new Mac (to me) precisely for this software from start to now. What is going on here and is there anyway to recover this work? I have an idea but not sure if it will work. 


Would anyone be able to help? 


Kind regards, 







Screenshot 2021-11-24 at 20.11.16.png

Arash Kiabayan


Thanks for the query and sorry for the issue that you are experiencing.

I believe the article which mentions "the trial file should just convert to a commercial file upon purchase of a license" is misleading. The term commercial should be replaced by the term FULL, meaning that Trial files can be converted to FULL files by using only a FULL Archicad license on the same machine they were created, and this means that Solo Archicad license is not capable of doing that. We will fix that article soon.

So, what I can suggest now is the following: 
Please contact our office/partner in the country you are located, and they will help you with converting the files from Trial to Solo. And should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Sorry for any inconevnices that this issue has caused for you.

Kind regards,

Technical Support Engineer, Technical Support Team

Thank you for your help Arash, I really appreciate it. I will post back once Graphisoft UK have given me the answer to finish this off for future users. 


Kind regards, 


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