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Can I add a diffrent Language to Archi ?


Hi, like in the Text above I would like to know how / or If I can add a diffrent language to Archicad
I have the International Version installed, but I need my Plans In German.
However when I install the german Version the Shortcuts dont work anymore from the Toutorials

So can I add a language pack like in Revit ?

Barry Kelly

No, you have to install the different language versions.

And be aware not all language versions work with all licenses.

You will be limited in the languages you can install and use.


Sounds like you might have custom shortcuts in a custom Work Environment in your INT version.

The standard shortcuts in the standard Work Environments should be the same in all language versions.


You may need to create a new custom Work Environment in the German version as well.

Don't import the entire WE from the INT version as you will get a mixture of languages in your menus.


See ...


However you might be able to export/import just the shortcuts section of the WE.





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