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Dell m6400... Opinions?

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Hello GearHeads!

I invested in a very nice Dell laptop many years ago. Unfortunately over time some fans lost their stamina and as a result of hard-to-find parts in Europe (and elsewhere) the laptop is needing to be replaced. As it is on a special warranty, Dell has offered to replace it with their only available and equivalent similar current model, the m6400.

I've looked it over and it looks quite nice and ...

...about as nice as money can buy. Needless to say if it is as nice as it looks, I'll be quite happy at the exchange.

-No it won't be orange. That for the the Elite Djordi's in Dubai and people who ride in leerjets, yeah?

Does anyone have one of these or handled it and have some input? I know spec wise it will clobber and can handle anything I can throw at it in apps and software- it's about as beefy as a machine as one could hope to get and still have it be somewhat portable sometimes. It's not the macbook pro, but it does have a full keyboard and that wonderful screen and possible newest CPU and tops with a Quadro 3700 (more than enough for any task- even the 1700 would be nice!).

Just looking for advice and opinions. I'm hoping to be one of the lucky few to own one and even more hopeful that it is as nice to use as it looks like in the specs and photos. It will only be the entry model, but that's a nice machine by my standards.

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Sounds like a great deal to me. Even though it's not orange 😉
Graphisoft Partner
Graphisoft Partner
I think that it would be extremely hard to beat one of those things with the Core Quad 2.5, 4Gb RAM, Solid State Drive, and Vista 64-bit.
So far as I recall, the Quadro 2700 is the Mobile version of the 1700, so that's the sweet spot really.
The only real problem is that it's a Dell.
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Hey. Dell isn't so bad- if you have the real warranty.
Mine is covered even if I spill coffee all over it (important as I used to work more of the time in a coffee shop!!!).

I'm excited about the full keyboard and the quad for rendering.
They've put out some nice models. If apple made a full-keyboard, I'd sell my car to get one.

At least Dell is supporting Linux drivers and installs now.
When I get it I'll post the news on what kind of a machine it is.
Seems like a really nice machine- despite not being orange.
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I have the M6400 and am very happy with it.
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I'm the happy owner of one of those M6400. Core 2 Duo T9550 @ 2.66 Ggz, 4 Gb DDR3 1066 mhz, Quadro 3700m, 320 Gb single disk drive, 17" 1920x1200. It runs Archicad like hell.... love it. Ahhh, And nothing of that screaming orange. It's brushed aluminium.
henrypootel wrote:
The only real problem is that it's a Dell.
Henry .. you did read the part where she said Dell are replacing her existing (dead) several years old laptop with a new top line model on warranty?

Personally i could never go back to a Dell (or Windows) but that seems like a pretty sweet warranty deal to me.

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