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Would like to know whether anyone has implemented ArchiCAD updates on a Windows Environment "WS2012".

I looked at but not sure whether this is the best solution, as IT would have to download the new update and setup an new GPO pointing to that MSI.

Basically looking for an option that the Design manager would either update his local ArchiCAD, and push the update himself, or, download the update and put it into a shared folder that a GPO would pickup and update the clients.

Not sure whether or not the link above explains the whole thing.
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No one?

At the moment I'm looking at doing it manually.

download the update, write a script to run psexec on on each machine...
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We've struggled with this very same question. ArchiCAD is not very enterprise-friendly in a Mac environment, especially with teamwork projects.

The solution we are using right now is a custom "ArchiCAD Updater" which is a graphical AppleScript wrapper for this shell script I wrote:

The AppleScript looks something like this:

display dialog "This application will update ArchiCAD to the latest version. Do you want to continue?" with icon 0 buttons ["Cancel", "Continue"] default button 2 cancel button 1
display dialog "Please close all open copies of ArchiCAD. The update will take about 5 minutes." with icon 2 buttons ["Cancel", "Continue"] default button 2 cancel button 1
do shell script "curl -fSsk | sh -s -" with administrator privileges
do shell script "curl -fSsk | sh -s -" with administrator privileges
display alert "Update complete!" as informational message "Close this application by clicking OK"
... notice we're updating both AC 18 and 19 at the same time.

To update the servers, you can use ARD's Send UNIX command (assuming they're also Macs):

curl -fSsk | sh -s -
So the workflow becomes:

- Notify users of impending update, include instructions in the notification email
- Update the servers and shared machines (conference rooms, etc)

It's actually not a bad solution since we have more and more laptops that might not even be at the office for weeks (making a "centralized" update very difficult). Once the server's been updated, the users will get an error once they try to connect to the teamwork server so they just use that update tool. Our users all have admin privileges on their machines.

I've also played around with Munki, and you could def. make it work with it, but I ran into all sorts of weird issues and didn't have time to investigate further since this solution works well enough for us, at least for now.

We have 45 AC licenses and about 60 users.

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