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HP Deskjet 9800 - Printing Problems

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Hello everybody.

I've recently bought this printer and from the beginning I've experienced a very annoying issue: I couldn't print large files from ArchiCAD 10 or AutoCAD 2007 (A3 paper size, 18 Mb or more sent to printer). After talking with someone from HP Customer Support, I was advised to install the 9600 driver. This solved almost all my problems concerning large files. I say "almost" because there are still some issues left, that keep bugging me from time to time, such as:

1. Sometimes, after printing several documents one after another (in ArchiCAD 10), the printer suddenly stops responding. Only after restarting the "print spooler" service, it receives data again.

2. (the most annoying one) When trying to print from Autocad 2007 (on A3 paper size, 10 Mb or more sent to printer), nothing happens; the print job autodeletes (or something like that), as if the whole process was completed successfully (even more, Autocad gives me a message stating that the printing has completed successfully). After a couple of tries (4 or 5) and after restarting the "print spooling" service several times, the printer finally responds and gets the job done.

Does anybody know what can I do to solve these problems?

Thank you in advance.

Adrian Tudoreanu
Thomas Holm
If possible, upgrade the printer's memory (RAM) to it's max.
AC4.1-AC26SWE; MacOS13.5.1; MP5,1+MBP16,1
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