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3DS converting BUG on AC10 Leopard (!)

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Hi all, im new here but have searched the forum and have not come to a conclusion to why my new mac make AC10 crash whenever i try converting a 3DS object to GSM.

I have installed the 3DS converting plugin many times, installed latest AC10 uptade, reinstalled AC10 again and nothing works. Heres what happens:

Whenever i go to design extras to finally convert the 3DS object it questions me where the different textures are even though they are in the same folder as the 3DS object itself. First of all this didnt happen on XP before for me and neither does it in AC11 on my new mac. Anyway, so when i choose the texture it asks for the bug fix watever comes up and then everything crashes!

THE THING IS, i cant work on AC11 to convert 3DS objects since they wont work in AC10 later. And this is something im REALLY dependant on at work.

THANK YOU for any help!!!


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