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A serious error has occurred while downloading


Archicad 26 does not allow me to see when searching objects the BIM Components options to download (yes it's selected to appear). Even on the website I can't "drag to Archicad" because also gets a serious error.
I'm using the Archicad 26 5006 BRA EDU up to date till now 05/16/2023 



Karl Ottenstein

Hi.  There seem to be two issues going on here:   BIM Components objects not appearing when you use the Search function in the Object Settings (etc) dialog ... and not being able to download or drag-and-drop.


Just to confirm what you say about the settings of the search... you do have a checkmark in front of BIM Components when you click the gear icon to the right of the search field?


Screenshot 2023-05-20 at 3.19.28 PM.jpg

I searched for 'centro' as you did, and attempted to download/embed one of the objects found and got a similar error to yours after 99% downloaded:


Screenshot 2023-05-20 at 3.22.47 PM.jpg


Same error if dragging Mesa Pétala from the BIM Components web site.  So, there is an error with that object.


I then did a search for a different keyword ("lounge") and successfully downloaded/embedded and placed a chair.


See if you are able to download/embed/place other objects, and also report the issue you are having with full details both to  (with the URL of the problematic object[s]) as well as to any technical support contact that is available for EDU users.



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