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Banyan Tree Object

I'm looking for a banyan tree object, for a rendering. Thanks for whatever help you can provide.
Dennis Glynn AIA
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Win 10 Pro x64 based PC

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from wat i understand,
(it's a Fig you're after?)

you can buy 3D tree libraries, I think they come as 3ds file and load that into your 3D window and save a GDL?

The difficulty in 3D trees is if you're rendering a lot of them they can be really 'heavy' from he number of polygons used for detailed trees.. Figs (especially sub species macrophylla and hillii) can use a lot of polygons so it can be difficult to get a low resolution good quality 3D fig tree..

I recall we built a Fig species using a program called TreePro, but we faced the difficulty of large number of polygons (hihg render times)..

I'm not sure if these ramblings have helped.. hope so

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