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Creating (updating) a title type object

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So now that we finally updated to 15, my titles are not displaying correctly on the layout sheets. So, I went back to my original master layout file where I created our titles, made sure they were the right size, right text, etc., then saved them as a title type from the file menu.

The first image below is what I drew.

The second is how it displays on a layout (after reloading the titles in the library and turning off the title then turning the new one back on).

The third is what it looks like when I open the object. (I've tried to attach the object but the posting page won't let me)

The fourth is what it should look like (and how it still displays in 12, with an old font).

Any idea why it's changing? and lines are disappearing? I have also checked the "details" button on the object script window and selected both "Store the ratio..." and "Store fixed values" to see if it changes. The overall length changes, but it still does not fit. By the way, all of our columns in a layout via the Master Layout are equal and fixed.

Thanks for the help.

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