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GDL Door bug

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I scripted a door in GDL that includes options for sidelights and transoms. The GDL script says it is ok. The 3D preview window in GDL looks correct, and the shaded view in the door dialogue box looks correct. However, when I insert the door into a wall and take a shaded view, the door frame does not appear. The door and the glass in the sidelights appear, but not the frame.

I am using the PRISM_ command to model the frame and the glass. I utilized a subroutine to put the points of the frame in the buffer and a separate subroutine to put the points in the buffer to punch the holes in the frame for the glass. I'm using the same subroutine that is used for the holes to generate the glass, also utilizing the PRISM_ command.

MATERIAL frame_mat
PRISM_ NSP/3,framethk,GET(NSP)

I don't understand why the frame does not appear in the 3D window but does show in the preview dialogue box. Am I missing a parameter or have some basic setting wrong? i've tried almost every combination of settings such as edge condition, offset, etc.. and still no frame.

Thanks for any help

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