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How write results of the REQUEST ("TEXTBLOCK_INFO",... into parameter

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I need to write the height of the text block to the parameter par_h.
But the REQUEST ("TEXTBLOCK_INFO", ... only works in a 2D script, where not work PARAMETER par_h=height.
I can use PARAMETER par_h=height in parameter script.
But in parameter script REQUEST("TEXTBLOCK_INFO",... not work.
Please help, how should I be?
Barry Kelly
As you have discovered this can not be done.
But why do you need to save this value as a parameter?

If you need it as a parameter, then just create one and allow the user to change is as required - no need to request the height in the 2D then as the user is setting the height.

If you need to request the height in the 2D (because you can stretch the width of the text block therefore changing the height), then you can do the request and use that value - but then there is no need for a parameter as it is only used in the 2D script anyway.
And you now have that value for future use.

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There is a parameter - cell height for a table of 1000 rows.
I need to store the value to this parameter by the height of the largest text block (from one from 1000 cells).
And then I need to use the value of this parameter in further calculations in the parameters script.
I need to do this without the user's participation.
Therefore, using HOTSPOT2 is not suitable.

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