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Individual Brick on window brick sill not showing


Hi There,


Im trying to replicate some drawings but the autocad drawings have each brick shown yet in Archicad it doesnt show each brick. The elevations are showing the brick correctly. Ive attached the Archicad images along with the autocad example im trying to match





Hi, have you just gone into your floor plan view and used cover fills to represent your brick sills for now till someone can provide you with a solution ?

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Barry Kelly

The problem is, the floor plan view of a window is a scripted representation of the 3D model.

In the elevation, you are actually seeing the 3D model.

So, if the 3D model is scripted to show individual bricks, or maybe you are just using a surface with a hatching to represent bricks, you will see exactly that in elevation, as you are seeing the 3D model.

The plan view would have to be scripted in the 2D script of the window to show the sill and lines to represent the bricks.

I don't know of any windows that are scripted in a way to do this, at least not with the standard window objects.

3rd party objects may be a different story.



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I would ask Central Innovations if the CI tools Window & Door Builder will allow us to do what you are asking ? If not, you could ask them to do what Barry is suggesting above in a future release of window and door builder maybe ?

AC7 EDU & AC8.1 - AC27TP + Ci Tools
Apple Mac Studio M1 Max Chip CPU 10C
GPU 24C 7.8TF 32GB RAM OS Ventura

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