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About Archicad and BIMcloud libraries, their management and migration, objects and other library parts, etc.

Organizer for Objects

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Hello everybody, I just Want to know if there´s some kind of organizer for the objects, the thing is that I have a huge library and i want to organize it but i can´t find something that helps me at least a gsm viewer, so if someone knows something that help i´ll be thankful


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Hi Ervey,

Why not simply arrange your custom library into subfolders exactly like the standard library. Also when editing the individual library parts, paste a preview image into the preview window, which will then be used as the icon for easy identification when browsing.

You can also change the organisational view of the objects by selecting either Folder view or Subtype View (See image). The third option lets you search for objects by name.

Hope that helps!

Ervey, welcome to this forum.

In addition to what Peter says, you can turn on thumbnail view in your system's file manager.

It would be to your advantage to let people on this forum know your version of ArchiCad and the operating system. You should insert it into your signature - see the ones Peter and I have.
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