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Could someone share rxAutoMaterials for Windows!

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What is it?
Karl Ottenstein
This was an add-on developed by Oleg Schmidt and contributed to the community. His web site is no longer up, and the add-on was released only for 8.1 and 9.0 AFAIK.

rxAutoMaterials would take an autoscripted GDL object (one saved from plan or 3D window) and convert all materials in the script to parameters. This is a very nice thing, as it allowed the creation of material-parametric objects instantly by any user without ever having to look at the GDL editor.

GS should buy this from him and offer it as a Goodie IMHO...


PS Oleg's license prohibits posting the add-on here, but I'm attaching his PDF describing it as I don't think he'd mind that.
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Karl wrote:
GS should buy this from him and offer it as a Goodie IMHO...
Karl, write to section of wishes. I shall necessarily vote.
It is the good tool for those who makes models in Archicad.
Thomas Holm
Aha! I see what Kliment is talking about. And I agree! This add-on should be bought and updated by GS.
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