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Licensing with command line parameters EDU license not working Archicad 27


I've been trying to build a silent installer for Archicad 27 but the script I have to silent install no longer seems to work.


/Volumes/Archicad\ 27/Archicad\ --mode unattended --eduUserID --eduSerialNumber 00000000000000000000


I've tried many variations and this command works for v26, have tried quotes, tried changing order etc. The application is installed but is unlicensed.


I know that the username and license key are valid as I can activate the education version manually with the License Manager Tool.


Is there something I'm missing?






Operating system used: Mac Apple Silicon 14 Sonoma


Here are my take on this:

1. Make sure the serial number has no " " or "-" character added, it should be a continuous 20-character string

2. When activating edu license, Archicad needs to create a license file. It's possible that Archicad didn't have full disk access upon installation, that's why it failed to create that license file. You may want to consult with your local support for further investigation.

3. For self-troubleshooting, you may find this installer log useful, it'll tell you when the installer went wrong: Installer Log Files and Error Codes (

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