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student - watermark - integration in layout??

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in the free student version there is this graphisoft- watermark every time you print or plot your drawings..... i am working on my studio's final presentation plans for my degree at the moment.... i have to live with the watermark... but i would like to integrate it somehow in the layout/design for my presentation plans, therefore it would be nice to see the position AND the size of the watermark already in the layoutbook before i print....does anyone know if there is a way of seeing it there or does anyone have another idea how i could solve this problem? it looks unprofessional if the watermark is not integratet in the layout of my presentation =((
thank you 😃

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If you are able to construct more of these watermarks you could try and develope a repeated pattern. other then that i wouldnt know what to do with it unless i saw your project. good luck.

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