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ArchiCAD 9 hotfix-2 is available for download

Akos Pfemeter
Dear Archi-Talkers,

It is time to go to the Help menu of ArchiCAD 9 and click on the command 'Check for updates...' again since we uploaded the second hotfix patch. This patch can be applied to all previous versions of ArchiCAD 9. For more info please click on the URL below...
Akos Pfemeter
Director of Global Marketing
Greg Kmethy
Anybody else see this or know how to make BG AC invisible again?
Some desktop manager tools (sometimes they come with the video card pack or the computer manufacturer's drivers) have an option for forcing all dialogs to the middle of the screen. These tools can reveal BGArchiCAD.

Gergely Kmethy
VP, Customer Success, Graphisoft
Karl Ottenstein
Thanks, Greg ... I'll check to see if that is the issue the next time I'm at my friend's office.... (But, since this behavior did not exist for build 1965, I suspect something else is going on...)

One of the forum moderators
AC 27 USA and earlier   •   macOS Ventura 13.6.3, MacBook Pro M2 Max 12CPU/30GPU cores, 32GB
Not applicable
I was update my AC9 to 2018 but some problems from previous version of Hotfix is still active.
1. Problem with Meander Program - after previous version of Hotfix this program is unnecessary.
2. Graphisoft Shell Extension - is still unnecessary from 1st version of AC9 (1920)
3. Problem with animation, when we use LW engine, object with alpha chunnel texture (eg. tree) and when the option "rebuild model for each frame - in polish "Przebuduj model dla każdej klatki" is ON.
Maybe somebody from Graphisoft can get me reply for these problems.

At last time I was discover some others bug, like "blank" render. This problem probably is related with graphic card driver and AC render engine, like alpha channel (with ATI graphic card we get it, with Nivida not!)
Best Regards
Not applicable
So...should I apply this patch or not? It appears that the Mac version is the only one with severe problems, but I don't have time for the pain if it fails on my PC.
Not applicable
I had the Shared Library Error when I first launched PM after the update. It is from not having a copy named "PlotMaker" in the ArchiCAD folder at the time of the update (I usually rename AC and PM to include their version numbers, since I usually have to keep multiple versions around).

Unfortunately the updater makes no warning that it can't find PlotMaker. It just skips that part of the update. It then refuses to run again (once PM has been renamed) since AC is already updated. I even tried copying in an older version of AC, but the updater still refused to run. Fortunately there was a successfully updated copy of PM on another machine which I just copied to my computers.

It seems that the installer should also look for PlotMaker and warn the user if it is not found, or that it would offer to update copies of the applications whose names are altered. It is very bad when an automatic process does something wrong (or fails to do something right), fails to warn the user, and then provides no easy and obvious solution.

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