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Error message after update to 4022 AC21 US

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Back on Oct. 10, 2017 AC21 said an update was available (4022) which I installed. When I opened existing AC21 files I did not have any issues. When I tried to open an AC19 or AC20 file I would get a popup window indicating that there was an error with the last instruction. There wasn't any indication as to what the error was or the last instruction. I cleared the window and the file opened. I couldn't find any issues with the building in either the floor plan or 3D environments. Today, 10/24/17, I launched Archicad 21 and it said there was a new update available which I downloaded. It stated that the downloaded file was for the AC21 4002 version which I thought I already had. I launched the installer and it went ahead and installed the update. I found it odd that the installer didn't detect I had already installed that update. Anyway I immediately tried to open an AC20 file to review the design and again I got the same popup window stating that there was an error with the last command just like before. Cleared the window and file loaded and again everything looked OK. I am wondering if this error thing is just something I am having or is it something others are having as well.
I am using Win10 Pro 64 bit OS. My system uses an AMD A8 BLack processor with 32GBs of RAM. Any ideas anyone.
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