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Give me your opinion on architecture in the metaverse


Hello everyone! I'm a 5th year architect student from belgium and I'm writting my final thesis about Architecture in the metaverse. I've made a lot of research about the topic of course and also read this thread and wanna thank you for sharing your opinions. 

In the first part of my thesis, I've come to the conclusion that metaverse worlds as they're build now like Decentraland, The Sandbox etc aren't really relevant for architect because of their blocky, mindcraft-like visuals due to the fact they need to be opensource websites for everyone to join.

I'am sure that we're not so far in time from some much more realistic and interesting metaverses but as of right now, projects like ViceVerce from BIG in Decentraland are a bit deceiving.


But projects like the Mars House have proven that architects already have the opportunity to create for virtual realms. Even tho it's not actually the metaverse, it's meant to be in the metaverse in a few years and we can already embrace the opportunity. 


I'm about half way through my thesis and after that first part, I want to talk about how to create a successfull architecture in the metaverse as of now. What are the main points of emphasis to create a virtual house? And the opportunities for architects

I'm open to talk about basically anything. Here are some creterias I wanna talk about : 

Immersivity : How to create an envirronement that is fully immersive (self consciousness, light, surrounding sounds, etc ..)

Type of architecture that would thrive in a virtual world : Parametric architecture seems like the way to go, and why stay static when you can create moving architecture

Creating a whole experience instead of just a building (like the Mars House developping a relaxing realm with changing lights, music etc)


Do you guys see anything else? Thanks for reading this 





I am speaking for myself here, and i will say it in as least words possible so I will not write a novel...

I believe that architects in general are more in tune with the materiality of the real world and what they see as real architecture is dependent of the constrains of the sensed environment. The virtual environment with its limitless possibilities is a potential factor of alteration of the architectural intent and thus of the experience, may it be a subjectively positive tweak at its core even.

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