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Missing mid-point reference during a stretch

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When 'stretching' elements, I often wish to align the midpoint of one element with that of another.

However, lately I've noticed that when I try to find the midpoint of the second element (the one that I'm aligning the stretch to), the midpoint marker doesn't show up.

My workaround is to abandon the stretch, put a hotspot on the midpoint of the second element, and then resume the stretch - but it seems unnecessarily frustrating.

Is this a glitch?
Stephen Dolbee
It didn't used to be this way. I select the element to be moved/stretched, hover over the second element, then stretch/move before the center point disappears. You have to be quick.
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Thanks, that's useful.

I did make a search before I posted - but obviously didn't use the right key words!
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