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Upgrade 7.x to 8.1 Mac OS...Is it worth it?

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I realize these types of questions can get a little tiresome, but I always want to be spending my money wisely...

We've been using AC 7.x on Macs happily since we bought in a couple of years ago. We put off upgrading because we are kind of small, weren't sure about 8, didn't have great cash flow, etc.

But we've landed a pretty big project, and am now wondering if I should step up to 8.1.

I've been at this game (CAD, software purchases, architecture) awhile, and have definitely reached the point where I need to be convinced that genuine productivity gains, as opposed to new "features" offering different ways to waste time, are to be had to warrant any investment.

I am intrigued by the advertised improvements and rethinking in the new Plotmaker, though I'm not exactly clear on what they are. Getting new employees up to speed on the Plotmaker component of our workflow is definitely one of my more depressing tasks (ratio of words-to-content-related-to-architecture is appalling).

Thanks all.
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Switch. The new thinking in PlotMaker brought AC into a new level of automation that I wouldn't want to do without, especially on a "pretty big project". The ability to have individual display options for the different drawings on a single layout alone does it for me, but the list of benefits is long, the pros definately outweigh the cons.

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