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winding stair w/ railing:-) Create Morph boulders?

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Okay, did the stairs & railing - still have model a
single handrail that follows the railing and is just inside per code.
Was trying to use the spring in basic shapes to do this, but gave up after an hour and a half of playing with the x and y axis settings with no luck.
I wonder if I can do another spiral (winding stair) only this time make everything invisible except the single hand rail. Is it possible?
Can we make a morph object from a piece of a library part?
For the boulders was going to see if a morph is possible from the old Rots boulders part brought into 17. will post attempt results.
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Brought in the old part (rots = Random Rocks) and tried to morph it, but only one facet of the specimen bolder is morphed into a morph plane. Also, just after the morph operation the new morph plane jumps away from its original position so that it no longer coincides with any of the original boulders facet coordinates, this fact makes any hope of connecting the planes together to form a new morph boulder ridiculously difficult.

Does anyone know if it's possible to have it morph the whole object?
Morph tool boulder test  1.jpg
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The old library part seems to be working.
David Maudlin
Jonathan wrote:
Can we make a morph object from a piece of a library part?
Yes. Convert a copy of the object (to retain the original) to Morph, Suspend Groups, select the part of the Morph you need and drag it away from the rest of the Morph, delete the unwanted parts, then use the Sub-element selection to select and delete the remaining unwanted parts. Read up on Morph editing in the Help files for more detailed instructions.

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