Loving Archicad since 2007

Isabel Matos Sipahi

1660197313581.jpgIsabel Sipahi from Brazil

Archicad user since 2007 – Archicad 12

Customer Engagement Global Program Manager at Graphisoft

My history with Archicad begins in 2007 in Australia, where I lived for two years. I learned Archicad in an Interior Design course. It was a very basic course, modeling only, but it was enough to fall in love with the software and get excited to learn more.

Returning to Brazil in 2009, there were no jobs available for Archicad users, only Autocad was used at the time, with very few exceptions. I decided then that I would have my own office, because resigning to Archicad was not an option for me. I deepened my knowledge through forums and Eric Bobrow's channel.


In 2011 I joined the team of an architecture office, Graphisoft's client, who would like to try an implementation once again. As Coordinator of Interiors, Landscaping and Visual Communication, I started the implementation through my team, and then together with another architect also experienced in Archicad, and with the help of Miguel Krippahl of Graphisoft, we expanded the implementation to the rest of the office. Miguel was a great master and taught me a lot about implementation processes.


When I left this office two years later, Miguel invited me to join the Graphisoft Brazil team as Product Manager. It was 2014, the beginning of Graphisoft in Brazil and for me, the beginning of a great professional journey that I am very proud of.


At Graphisoft I had the great pleasure of participating and acting for the growth of the Archicad and Open BIM market in Brazil, I met and worked with wonderful architects, for which I already had a deep admiration, developed an effective and powerful Training Program, helped to bring the needs of our market to software development, held memorable events, and worked with a fantastic team.


Now, in the global team, I have the opportunity to take this great local experience and work for our customers around the world to come to realize more and better with our solutions and our company. Graphisoft is like a family, which gives me a great personal and professional achievement, and of which I am very proud and joyful in being part of <3.