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New Login from 10 June 2023


Sorry to grumble so soon, but yet again GS manage to take things backwards with each update.


Why do we now need two pages to login?  Previously my email & password were a one click login action as they autocompleted. Now I have to click to enter my email, click to sign in, and then wait for the next page, click to enter password and then click sign in again before I can log in. How is this better, it certainly isn't quicker?  


I hope there is a huge technical benefit, because from a user perspective it is at the very least disruptive when you have something important to say.

Apple iMac macOS Sonoma / AC27UKI (most recent builds)


I totally agree with you.

Boldizsar Vermes

@DGSketcher, the new, multi-step authentication makes it possible to redirect you to different authentication services based on your email address. This is an industry standard for enterprise applications, and it is easier for the users because they don't need to choose from all the available authentication services.

GSID login page works well with the autofill features of password manager tools. I already tried the auto-submit feature on mine, which saved me a few clicks that you mentioned as well.

Boldizsár Vermes
Product Manager, Collaboration

@Boldizsar Vermes Thank you for the explanation. I am getting used to the extra clicks.

Apple iMac macOS Sonoma / AC27UKI (most recent builds)

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