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Modular Parametric Cabinet


Good day. This is a  cabinet object that can be interactively shaped in 2D or 3D, with the design and layout of the cabinet updating automatically to best fit its dimensions and orientation, according to user set parametric rules.





ii. The cabinet will automatically populate itself with modular segments based on the parametric rules set by the user,  for example:

ii.i. the cabinet self orients the front to the longest dimension between its overall length and width,

ii.ii. the cabinet can be subdivided into a fixed number of segments whose widths vary based on the overall dimensions, 

ii.iii. the cabinet can be subdivided into segments of fixed widths, whose quantity vary based on the overall dimensions,

ii.iv. subdivision segment widths may adjust within a given range to always ensure equal sized segments filling the overall cabinet length, or

ii.v. any left over space is filled with a remainder segment, which may be placed at the start,  end, centre, split at either ends, or combined with a regular segment if the remainder width is below a given threshold




iii. Additional unique segments can be specified, whose settings remain fixed regardless of other variations in the other segments. These are useful for example, when specifying segments for an appliance of fixed dimensions in kitchen cabinets. These can be placed at either the start, end, centre, at each ends, or at a specific segment position specified by an ordinal number.




iv. All features of the cabinet, such as appliances and ironmongery adjust automatically with the reshaping of the cabinet, based on user set rules. Each of the segment type can have totally unique configurations compared to the other segment types.


The cabinet is useful for example during early stage / conceptual design, where the cabinet adapts to any changes to its dimensions and orientations, without the need for tedious fiddling with the object numbers, settings and placement to match the quick and numerous layout iterations that will be executed.

The cabinet supports mass customisations, as different rule sets can be applied to different instances of the same cupboard, optimising it local condition in mass placement (such as slightly varied mass housing) with the use of the Archicad-Grasshopper connection for example.











Multiple variations and customisations are possible.




Thank you for your time and consideration.