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Upgrate of ARCHICAD Library


HI! My name is Luiza.


I want to present of my parametric object.

Before starting to write a script for a GDL-objects, I deceded to analyze what do archicad users want for their work. 

I created a telegram channel  and invited architects to vote.



Analyzing wishes, I decided to upgrate what is already there, focusing on the needs of architects.

One of library objects - it's a parametric wall shelf, which I  upgrate using standart Archicad library.






What is it look like before?



What does upgrate consist of?

What is the upgrade? 






It was not possible to assign a building material, the display of which would appear in the section of the object

Added (for each element in the object)


The standard library feature did not have enough snap points to place the linear dimensions.


Of course, you can approximately "poke" at some point, but when you change the dimensions, the size will remain the same, which is also taken into account in the updated object.

(applies to all dimensions, horizontal and vertical).

The standard object places shelves only at the same height, which is quite inconvenient if you need to assign individual parameters for the desired product

In the updated element, it is possible to add 5 shelves at any desired height. The location of the shelves can be edited in the object parameters, as well as on the developments or in the 3D window.


The standard element has a specified shelf offset

Added the ability to edit the value of this indent or remove it completely