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hBIM Roof Ridge Tile Railing component


hBIM Roof Ridge Tile.gif


Hi eveyone, in 2021 I started developing a parametric library dedicated to hBIM practices which I constantly updated every year since then with new objects and components for making historical complex building modeling easier and quicker. At the moment the hBIM Library features 14 GDL elements but I am going to release 5 more of them in the next few months. I would like to share with you a brief selection of the capabilities of some of these tools, in particular the most interesting ones to me from a coding perspective.


Here I attach my Roof Ridge Tile GDL component which I based on the Railing tool for offering an easy and quick modeling approach. This object allow users to trace Ridge Tile on a complex Roof with some simple snapped polylines making that self-adaptive to any change in parent geometry.

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