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MEP Library migration issue in Archicad 25 NED

Nguyen Minh
Graphisoft Moderator
Graphisoft Moderator

Affected versions: Archicad 25 NED | Severity: workaround applicable 


When migrating from Archicad 24 NED to Archicad 25 NED or vice versa, users may find that the MEP Library is not migrated properly.


From Archicad 25 NED, the MEP Library is renamed as ARCHICAD MEP bibliotheek. Because of this change, there might be some issue during file migration from previous version to Archicad 25, or from Archicad 25 backward.


Migrating projects from previous versions to Archicad 25 NED

Navigate to File > Libraries and Objects > Library Manager, select the MEP Library 24 and click the Delete button to avoid having duplicated library parts or missing library in the project.


Migrating projects from Archicad 25 NED to Archicad 24 NED

The Library Manager will report that ARCHICAD MEP bibliotheek 25 is missing. From the Library Manager (File > Libraries and Objects > Library Manager), select the Missing library and click the Delete button.


To add the MEP Library back for the project in Archicad 24 NED, in the same Library Manager dialog, click Add button. Browse to the installation folder of Archicad 24 NED, and select the MEP Library 24 folder.


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