ARCHICAD 19 Performance Improvements - Troubleshooting Guide

Emoke Csikos

Development: Predictive Background Update of Multiple Views

Predictive background update takes advantage of the processors’ unused capacity to build up live model views in advance. All open model views of the project are continuously being updated in the background. Provided that the view updates in the background had enough time to finish, changing model views will be near instant irrelevant to the size and complexity of the BIM model. Although our new technology works most of the time, there are some limitations and requirements that you should be aware of. Limitations:
  • The effectivity of the view update can depend on the order of the activation of the views. The order of their updating is based on when they were last open.
  • The effectivity of the view update can depend on the workflow. There can be scenarios when background multiprocessing doesn’t really help. E.g. you copy a view and modify the copy slightly. Then you delete the original view before you open the new one. In this case the cache of the new view is empty and the cache of the original one was deleted although it contained a lot of information.
  • 3D Views will open slower than 3D Viewpoints because model data is only assigned to the viewpoint.
  • Already open windows and tabs of model views can take full advantage of background updating. These are:
    • Sections (if Status is Auto-rebuild Model)
    • Elevations (if Status is Auto-rebuild Model)
    • Interior Elevations
    • 3D Document
    • 3D window
  • All other window types and tabs are NOT updated in the background. These are:
    • Floor Plans
    • Layouts
    • manually rebuilt windows (Sections, Elevations, etc.)
    • Interior Elevations with settings „Add bounded area” or „Detect and Fit to Zones”
    • Interactive Schedules
  • Background multiprocessing will not work for the following ARCHICAD elements:
  • Zones (in the 3D window)
  • Library Parts that use:
    • 1. Text command
    • 2. Any GDL add-on usage, except:
      • a. Polygon Operations add-on
      • b. Property Add-on
      • c. Text I/O, Data I/O, XML add-ons, if the file is in the loaded library, and opened for reading only
    • 4. Uses variable name macro
    • 5. Uses variable name request
    • 6. Calls a non-compatible macro
  • Some library parts of ARCHICAD 19 Library that could not yet be made background multiprocessing compatible: GEPlacemark.gsm, Standard grid marker.gsm, Parking Place 19.gsm, Coordinate Dimension 19.gsm, Fire Alarm 19.gsm, Text 3D 19.gsm, Clock 19.gsm.
  • For further information please see the GDL Reference Guide (Background Conversion Issues) or the document on GDL changes in ARCHICAD 19 here: changes in ARCHICAD 19 v1.1.pdf These elements will need to be processed in the foreground. As a result of these foreground activities, windows and tabs with such elements will not gain the full benefit of the background updating technology therefore will need some additional time to finish after activating the window.
  • Some tasks still require foreground processing such as window/screen refresh.
  • To take advantage of background updating, at least 4 cores for the CPU are required.

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