ARCHICAD 19 User Interface Improvements - Troubleshooting Guide

Emoke Csikos

In ARCHICAD 19 there are some major changes to the User Interface especially on Mac OS X. It is important to see exactly what these changes are so you know what to expect and what not. So let’s see some of the limitations of the new interface improvements:

Docking and undocking windows:

  • Works through using the Undock / Dock commands on Mac.
  • It is not possible to drag and drop anything into the tab bar (e.g. from Navigator) to dock.
  • It is not possible to undock windows by dragging them from the tab bar.
  • It is not possible to undock windows on PCs but you can minimize and unmaximise (restore down) the window as before.
  • If you undock all tabs on Mac, you can be left with a large empty grey space.
  • Undocked windows on mac show the icon in the header – also in Legacy Window Mode.
  • Some Window types do not remember their undocked/docked state when reopening, including any GDL Editor/Script window, Interactive Schedule, Report window and Project Notes

Docking and undocking palettes:

  • If a palette is not docking this may be because:
    • Palette does not support docking (e.g. SEO, Markup, Rendering Settings, MEP)
    • Existing palettes cannot resize to allow another palette to fit, therefore try another location to dock the palette into.
    • Palette can only be docked vertical and not horizontally (e.g. Toolbox, Navigator)


  • Sometimes palettes and controls can be hidden and go outside of the visible frame due to docked palette being larger than the current unified window frame size. To solve, you need to undock or relocate some palettes (where too many are stacked) or expand the unified window frame.

Tab Bar:

  • Tabs can be viewpoints (from the Project Map) or views (from the View Map). Tabs store the settings of the views, also when the window is undocked.
  • All model windows and tabs are synchronized, so any change (e.g. layers) in one model window or tab will affect all other open windows or tabs – regardless of if window/tab is based on a View or Viewpoint.
  • This synchronization is visible when single clicking tabs/windows. If a View based tab is double clicked on (or by using context menu) it can restore all settings of the View (because of synchronized windows, all tabs/windows will therefore be affected again.)
  • If the current View based tab does not match the stored settings of the view (even in the case of stored pan/zoom within the View), the tab will indicate an "!" in a yellow triangle. This triangle indicates that the current tab can be restored backed to its originating View.
  • Closing a tab will take you to the tab last seen in the order of viewing, not to the neighboring tab on the left nor on the right.
  • If GDL Editor is undocked, its subsequent windows (i.e. script windows) will also be undocked. However, the undocked/docked state is not remembered when reopening .


  • Teamwork specific commands are not available within the tab bar context menus.
  • But icons on the tab show Teamwork status of the View, Viewpoint or Layout matching the icon in the Navigator.

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