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Hotlink .pln or .mod files combine/merge hotlinked layers with existing layers. Add auto extension?


When I 'Place Hotlink' .pln or .mod files, I use a designated 'Master Layer.' However, the layers of the file I am bringing in as .pln or .mod combine/merge themselves into my Layers list/combination.

Is there a way to group my hotlink layers with a prefix/extension (in a folder automatically would be ideal) upon import so I can easily manage them? This way, I would have full control of imported elements with their assigned layers to save layer combinations, all without having the content of hotlinked files mixed with the content of my file.

What I am looking for is something similar/identical to what happens when you merge an IFC, and the layers all come in with a prefix/extension controlled by the 'Translator,' helping me separate them out faster.

I am working on complex mixed-use projects, and I have to hotlink many .pln and .ifc files from my team, contractors and consultants. Any tips and tricks to automate and expedite this process, rather than opening every .pln file to delete unused layers, add an extension, and manually change the intersection number, will be welcomed.

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