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Intersection Group Numbers for Custom Layer Set


This drives me crazy for cad management. What happens is i have the intersection group numbers set correctly for all the layer sets. If you shut off 1 or more layers then it's a custom layer set, sure fine, I get that.


Problem: The custom layer set just throws all the previous layer set's intersection group numbers out the window. All day I end up getting called to workstations for this. Worker says, "I don't know what happened but now all the walls don't join up correctly." Me: "it's a custom layer set. Change it back to floor plan set." Boom fixed. 


This comes up constantly because you are always shutting off 1 or more layers in a layer set while making changes just to have less clutter and less extraneous things to click on by accident. 


What solution I'm looking for:  Is there a way to make the custom layer set keep the last layer sets intersection group numbers OR is there a way to set the custom layer sets intersection numbers to a set thing (let's say for this example they'd be set to "floor plan layer set". 


This is one of those archicad problems that I'm like, "Why the hell would it work like that? No one would ever want it to do that. Literally never."

Nick DiPietro
Cad Manager/Monkey
Autodesk Expert Elite
Archicad 26 Solo USA
Barry Kelly

I always thought that the intersection group numbers stayed as was set in the last layer combination used when turning layers on off individually.

I am not in front of Archicad at the moment to test.

I have never noticed any issues.

But does it really matter?

Sure turn layers on and off to make adjustments easier.

But as you are no longer looking at what you want as your final output, switch the layer combination back to what it should be so you know the final output will be correct or not.



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For me, no it doesn't matter as I understand what it is doing. It's the other poeple I oversee. They panic when all of a sudden all of their walls don't join up correctly and then I get called to their desk to help fix it. It basically the same as someone in IT getting called constantly to help someone with a password not working and the IT person turns off caps lock and walks away. It a time waster. 

Nick DiPietro
Cad Manager/Monkey
Autodesk Expert Elite
Archicad 26 Solo USA

I don't know if this happens if you turn off a layer in the layer manager. It does when you use the quick layers palette.

Nick DiPietro
Cad Manager/Monkey
Autodesk Expert Elite
Archicad 26 Solo USA
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