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Nemetschek BIMplus & Archicad


Does anybody have any experience working or collaborating on a project where Nemetschek BIMplus (Allplan related web based collaboration platform) is being used as a Common Data Environment (CDE)? As Archicad is part of the Nemetschek group I would have expected a better connectivity level, but there is almost none. Only manual .ifc model import is possible into BIMplus and zero .bcf output through any .bcf server is possible there.

If any Archicad user has experience with that I would be very happy if somebody could share some good workflow advice. On the BIMplus forum I was asking about the limited ISO 19650 conformity, but after a month I got no answer, none. It looks like the Nemetschek openBIM concept is very closed in some parts of the group.

| Archicad 4.55 - 27
| HP Z840 | 2× E5-2643 v4 | 64 GB RAM | Quadro M5000 | Windows 10 Pro x64
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