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Placing the list of layouts in a publisher set, on a layout as table of contents.


Hi all,


I'm currently operating in Archicad 24.

I guess the title says it all.


Archicad allows, as far as I can see, an automated list (project indexes) for views, drawings, layouts, changes, and transmittal set contents. A publisher set, however, contains a certain preferred set of layouts to print, so I want to print this set of layouts as well on one of the pages, as a linked table of contents.


Is it possible in Archicad to link a publisher set as a list on my layout, so when a layout gets added to the publisher set, the table of contents automatically edits its list as well?





@Jeroen_Hill I don't think you can link a publisher set as a list, but the Project Indexes are just schedules which you can copy and edit. So you could take a layout list and assign criteria to suit your particular index requirements to match your publisher set. It really depends on the criteria you want to apply and if the right variables are available to differentiate the required list output.

See if this link to the Project Index help files helps.

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