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Schedules. Paint surface area for Beams/Columns

Domagoj Lukinic

Hi all!

I am trying to create a schedule for paint surface area for steel columns and beams.

I am using profiles from "import steel standard" table so there are no additional variables

For I profiles like HEA or HEB surface area is good but for profiles that have hollow sections in them like SHS or CHS, it also takes surface area of the hollow section see the pic. Is there a way to make a schedule to take only the surface area of an outside face either by using property manager or something else?

FORUM 1.png

Forum 1-1.png


Barry Kelly

If you are using a 'Surface' schedule (I can't see from your image), then it should be able to deduct overlapping surfaces and just schedule the exposed surfaces.

It will also give you the top and bottom of the column, but if it is on/under a slab then it should not count the top/bottom areas.


I haven't checked this, but I am assuming your profile is actually empty in the middle - as in there is no building material at all.

If that is the case, try adding a empty fill / transparent building material such as an 'air space' or 'cavity' to block it out.

Hopefully that will work.



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