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Unable to bind/ explode xref

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I know generally we should not explode .dwgs but I am purely working in 2D using Archicad (yes, let's not get started on that, it's just the task I have to do). I have brought in an xref into a teamwork file. I have unlocked all the layers and have everything reserved but it still doesn't do anything when I 'explode'. The 'bind' option is also greyed out in the Xref manager.

Any suggestions please?

Barry Kelly
No need to XREF it - am sure that is just a legacy thing to keep the Autocad users happy.

Add the DWG with the 'Drawing' tool.
Then you can select and explode into lines if need be.
You can keep the DWG layers or have everything exploded into the one layer that you place the DWG in.

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Works brilliantly. Thank you!
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