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Change values for Openings catalogue arcicad 17 ?

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Hi there,
I was hoping someone could please help me.
I have been searching the internet top to bottom and still can't find the info i need. I want need to change the values in the opening catalogue and not just override the window U/R value. So when i choose a window and set it to low e glass it is to my input. It is required to meet our Sans-Xa and other Sans requirements.
Many thanks

Although it is an old thread, someone could find it useful:

to edit default values, you have to open the OpeningCatalog.xml file located in your /GRAPHISOFT/ARCHICAD XX/Add-Ons/EnergyEvaluation/INT folder.

This folder also contains your Building Material and Shading Device Catalog among others. | actively using: AC25-27 INT | Rhino6-8 | macOS @ apple silicon / win10 x64

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