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Double Facade Evaluation

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Hello to everyone!
I'm preparing my final thesis for graduation, and I started studying how to make evaluations of my models.
Anyhow, my project is composed of a central building (simple concrete structure) and a double ventilated facade (the main topic of my research) which serves as main source for cooling the building thanks to the air flow passing through it. I was wondering: is it possible to make an evaluation by telling Archicad to calculate also this factor? Like maybe creating a special zone in the inner space between the two walls, or any other way?
I leave you here some screenshots of a simplified example, explaining actually what is the general structure of the design.
Thanks in advance for the help, and I hope to solve this problem!
Hello I am interested to know if/how you solved this. It's a very late reply but anyway, I would have said to you yes model a zone in the space between the two facades. The innermost will be considered internal though that's the only thing. But that's OK as long as all your U-values are correct. And then this zone should be "Unconditionned" I guess...
Then try one model without the double facade and compare it with the final design...
You can also play with the Infiltration values in the Structures tab of the Energy Model Review...
From a design perspective, I don't know which type of climate this design is based on but a full glass external skin might bring in a whole lot of heat in contact with the internal skin though... Anyway the reason I say this is you know can use the Sunscreen options or External Blind option in the Openings tab of the Energy Model Review to somewhat mitigate the effect, or model a screening device... Type of glazing also important obviously...
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