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Ecodesigner not working in 15

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Anyone seen this Error screen? It shows when I ask for a evaluation.
I've uninstalled and reinstalled but the darn thing won´t go away.

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Here's the screen-shot.
Karl Ottenstein
Have you tried re-installing with your antivirus disabled?

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Karl wrote:
Have you tried re-installing with your antivirus disabled?

Yes I have but it's still there.

Reluctantly I'll try with a clean AC build 3003 install.
Barry Kelly
I am assuming you have the latest build of 15 installed (3267).

Was Ecodesigner installed before or after this hotfix?
If after then it may be worth just trying to re-install the hotfix.
I know the hotfixes updates the goodies but I am not sure if it also updates addons like Ecodesigner.
It might be worth a try before re-installing Archicad.
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Barry wrote:
I am assuming you have the latest build of 15 installed (3267).
Yes it's 3267 and I suspect that this error came with the switch from the INT version to the SWE version.

I've been able to evaluate a project in AC15 before but at this moment I don't remember if EcoD was working in the INT 3267 or if it was in 3003.

SWE build is only 3267.
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Now I tried EcoD with INT 3003 and it works.
Then I installed Hotfix INT 3267 and it works.

So I uninstalled SWE 3267 and in the process of reinstalling everything I realise there is no EcoD SWE folder in the installation of EcoD.

Copying the EcoD SWE folder from AC 14 doesn't work although it's just .xml files so there must be something else. Maybe in the .apx itself.

I'll just have to wait for a SWE version.

Note: EcoD is build INT 3003.

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