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BIMcloud basic access issues over LAN, works well on wifi


Hi our small office of PCs and Macs have been flawlessly working on BIMcloud basic for over two years now and suddenly came across staff not being able to access the server. We initially thought it was hardware so switched out the switch hub, and even the computer acting as the server.


but the server can only be accessed by WIF and not LAN. which is causing some issues with the PCs without a WIFI card. Can anyone help please? thank you. this is beyond frustrating and ive spent overnight of sleeplessness not being able to collaborate. yes, its on a static IP setting and there is no error on the bim manager portal. we can see all users and projects but just not able to access on LAN. 


thank you in advance


By no means am I an IT Pro, but I wonder if your router has a firewall setting on the LAN connection that is not setup on your WIFI?  We had the opposite problem with the WIFI that we discovered with our router.  Turned off the local WIFI firewall, boom, problem solved.  Now we access BIMcloud over the LAN.  I hope that helps!

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