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Restoring a v16 BIM server


A hardware failure caused our very old Mac server (kept for v16 BIM compatibility) to become inoperable. Restoration of that system is not feasible.

We have a backup of the BIM server data directory with all the projects. I installed the BIM server on another older Mac and tried to get the backup to work, but apparently it's not all that simple.

I tried to just copy the v16 databases to that newer machine but apparently the new installation of BIM server recognizes none of the .db files and will only let me manually restore individual backups.

Was there an easy way to just restore the entire database in a case like above?
Matt Krol [LinkedIn]
BHMS Architects and Planners, Chicago
AC 10 ... 26 USA
No I don't think so. You would need all the BIM Server directories to be able to restore to a previous state. Otherwise you have to restore individual projects from backup files.

If the old servers' hard drive is still readable you could copy the files from there to the new server over a BIM Server setup with the exact same settings and version and it should work.