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Teamwork & BIMcloud
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Teamwork Issue- External drawings from BIMcloud not updating


I'm reasonably new to Archicad so apologies if my terminology isn't 100% correct. This issue also has our BIM Manager stumped.


We have used Teamwork to document a new school on a greenfield site. We have 6 BIMcloud files for the 5 new buildings and then 1 for the siteworks. As the details of the buildings are similar we have documented the details in the site file and have linked them into all of the 5 buildings files.


The issue I have now is that the Change Manager doesn't want to update the linked details any more. When I open the Change Manager and check the Status, I can see the details are 'Modified'. I then click to update and it goes through the process of updating the files but instead of the Status changing to 'OK' it goes back to 'needs checking'. I then go round in circles repeating the process but never achieving an 'OK'.


It hasn't always been this way, up until about 4 weeks ago I was able to update the details. I assume there is some setting somewhere that has inadvertently changed which has caused this issue, but I'm pretty green and have no idea where to start looking.


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Did you figure this one out? I always found linked views from BIMcloud projects problematic. Now I publish .pmk files out and place them onto layouts. 


If you set up a publisher with all the views and they always publish to the same location then it becomes much simpler to keep them updated compared to linked views from another BIMcloud project. 

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