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Teamwork files in Attribute Manager

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The firm I am working for uses teamwork for almost all ArchiCAD files which is great. We also use the attribute manager to bring in attributes from a file that contains every different attribute type you would want (this saves the template from having too many surfaces, materials composites etc.

However if this attribute file is saved as a teamwork file, then attribute manage can not directly open a teamwork file. It has to be saved locally as a pln or something attribute manager can open.

Would anyone else like to be open teamwork files through attribute manager???

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Hi Thom,

I just faced the same problem. And actually is possible to open teamwork projects in Attribute manager.
BIM Server (or BIM Cloud) Save Teamwork projects in the Server or Computer or computer where it is installed. In my office, we installed BIMCloud on my computer so the teamwork files are stored in the following path
This PC > (C:) > Graphisoft > Bim cloud > Server > Projects > (weird name folder) > Backup > Whichever The project you want.
Talk to the IT guy in your office to know where is BIMcloud installed, then you would be able to find your project from Attribute Manager>Import> Browse

I hope this helps you

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