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Working together with another architecture company




We have a situation that we have to work on some projects together with other architecture companies,


Currently we use BimCloud basic for our local connection which works perfectly but now we want to go a step further and work with other companies on the same project but we don't want to do it through VPN.


Is BimCloud the software we need to have, can we with BimCloud licenses join our partners BimCloud server?


Thank you.


You can run your own BIMcloud basic server in virtual computer or you can buy BIMcloud as a service from Graphisoft and populate your project there. If you use BIMcloud basic you no need extra BIMcloud licenses. If You use BIMcloud as service then you need additional BIMcloud licenses for every user who joins shared teamwork project.

Made educational video long time ago how to make BIMcloud basic server on virtual computer 😉

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