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ASM Techbase new Twinmotion Tutorial: Adding Landscape + Environment Models


Hi, I just released 2 new tutorials on my YT channel.

One is for Archicad users on how to model a sloping stone garden path and the second one is a Twinmotion "follow up" tutorial.

In the "The making off" Twinmotion tutorial we are looking at how to add environments and landscape items to your Twinmotion Project. There are some great tips along the way like: How to easy create a normal map for your particular color map texture you just found online, while texturing your model.


Enjoy Carsten


Link to Twinmotion Tutorial:

I posted the Archicad tutorial under the Modeling Forum.

TM Adding Landscape 3.jpgTM Adding Landscape 1.jpgTM Adding Landscape 2.jpg

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