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Archicad + Lighting effects.

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Gday. ive just started modeling in archicad. Ive realized quickly that the rendering qualitys are not as good as in some other programs ive used. Just wondering what programs people are using to finish the project. Ive used truespace lots for modeling and lighitng and effects are much more realistic. Ive also used rhino for creating more organic shapes in an architectural sence. Also what program are people using for creating and rendering animations in.
Any help or tips would be much appreciated.
Archicad and Artlantis have a good connection.

You'll need a plug-in to export the Artlantis format from Archicad.

Artlantis is free for students.

Some users have had success here:

but htere may be a better way.
Dwight Atkinson
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You'll find Artlantis is pretty popular around here, for reasonable results in short time. It works well with Archicad.

Check it out (30 day free trial available) at

EDIT: See I told you. (too fast for me, Dwight)