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Removing textures from multiple materials for lightworks?

I am creating a small VR object using Lightworks rendering engine from an interior viewpoint and would like remove applied textures from all once if possible? I just want the simple form & color rendering........the same as you'd get with the internal rendering engine with textures turned off.

An identical material set with NO texture still comes up with a photo-realistic texture in a Llightworks output......and it's got me stumped?

I almost never use this rendering engine so I am not very familiar with it and don't seem to understand how to achieve what I'm after.......any help at all would be very appreciated.
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Karl Ottenstein
Hey Jeff!

If it were just for Internal/OpenGL, the easiest way (I think) is Options > Element Attributes > Attribute Manager.

Switch to the Materials tab, click on the texture column heading to group all materials with textures together and clear the texture field.

Sadly, this will do nothing for LightWorks AFAIK ... you would have to go into Material settings and one by one click the 'match with internal' button... or, if materials were customized already for LW, look at each material in the LW settings tab and clear the texture there. 😞

If you're fortunate to not have TOO many materials in use, the checkmarks in Attribute Manager will at least let you see (even print) a list of which materials you need to edit for LW.

If this is something that you anticipate happening a lot, you can go through the laborious work of clearing all of the LW textures and save that set of materials via Attribute Manager as an AAT file. In the future when you have this need, you can open that AAT file and overwrite all of your existing materials (after backing them up with Att Mgr). You can then easily switch back to the textured materials the same way.

Hope somebody else knows a magic way to do this without so much work...

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It's been a while since I have done this, but I seem to remember that another option was to select your entire model in the 3D window, and then save it as an object. Then, you should be able to select the entire object at once and change it to any single material that you want. Of course, you cannot modify this object if changes become necessary, but that can still be achieved through the original file. Somewhat less tedious than using the attributes file if you have many materials.

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