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house model project with 3d printer


Hello everyone. I have a task: to make a house model 1:100. I've made projection in Archicad.

Is it possible to convert a file into STL format to make a printed (3D) model.

If someone was familiar with printing a house model from Archicad answer with your tips or suggestions.

Do system will recognize a model as one solid object (because in Archicad the house model isn't one piece. Model is structured from separate walls and other objects so it shouldn't be counted as one solid object)


Screenshot (23).pngScreenshot (27).png

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Barry Kelly

I did attempt this briefly many years ago and have to say I gave up (possibly without trying hard enough).

Never got a successful print (using an extruder style printer).

Maybe different types of printers will give different results.

The scale/level of detail will also be an issue.

And it may not be possible/feasible to print in one part.


Make sure you do a search here for '3D print' - here is one such post...



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